Robert G. Stephens, Jr.

Robert G. Stephens, Jr. graduated from the

University of Georgia in 1935 and from the UGA

School of Law in 1941. After graduation,

Stephens joined the United States Army, serving

until 1945, when he returned to Athens to join the UGA School

of Law faculty. Stephens served on the legal staff of Justice Jackson during the Nuremburg trials of notorious Nazi war criminals. In addition to these duties, he opened a private practice with T.H. Milner, Jr. in 1946. As a senator, congressman and a member of the Georgia State House of Representatives, Stephens was a political and community leader. Stephens’ son, Judge Lawton Stephens, summarized his father’s philosophy on community giving: “Treat people the way you want to be treated. If you want your community to prosper, you need to invest in it and make an effort towards improvement.” That very philosophy is the basis of the Robert G. Stephens, Jr. Leadership Giving Society, which is comprised of individuals who make an investment in the community due to an outstanding example of a leader who advocated for positive change. Stephens poured his heart and soul into the community, and present and future leaders will tread the pathway of community giving that he blazed long ago.

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