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We determined our three pillars by studying our region and determining the highest priority needs of the individuals and families across our 12 counties. In addition to defining each pillar, we have outlined potential positive outcomes that will result from the services each program we fund provides to our region's residents.

Basic Needs - Basic needs are the non-negotiables in life. Access to food so no meal is missed, a consistent and safe place to call home, crisis assistance, and unexpected needs because of an emergency are all basic needs we all deserve.

  • Percentage of children and families skipping less than two meals a week
  • Percentage of people experiencing homelessness moving to stable housing
  • Percentage of individuals' needs met after facing a defined emergency

Early Childhood Success - The first years of a child’s life are the most critical in development and learning. Without access to educational opportunities, many children fall behind before they even start kindergarten, and continue to struggle to catch up. Providing children access to books, educational tools and resources, and healthy routine learning environments is essential.

  • Percentage of births with prenatal care in first trimester
  • Percentage of children meeting developmental milestones
  • Percentage of children meeting kindergarten readiness benchmarks

Workforce Development - This is a people-focused approach to a community’s economic success. Offering trainings and resources in workforce development allows individuals to succeed and strengthen the region’s overall workforce and economy.

  • Percentage of students enrolled in post-secondary training, certification, or education one year after high school graduation
  • Percentage of 16-24 year olds engaged in education of some form
  • Percentage of job readiness participants that retain employment for 90+ days
  • Percentage of 16-24 year olds engaged in work in some capacity

Interested in applying for a grant?

Applications for grant funding will be open May-June of each year. Eligibility requirements for applying nonprofits are available. Any questions can be directed to Mark Madison, Director of Community Impact, via email



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