Mission, Vision, & Values

At United Way of Northeast Georgia, we work to fulfill our mission, achieve our vision, and do so with our values and equity in mind.



The UNITED Way of Northeast Georgia makes positive, sustained, and measurable change through: identifying regional needs; collecting, sharing, and removing barriers to local resources; and building nonprofit capacity.



A UNITED Northeast Georgia region where everyone has the opportunity and resources to grow, succeed, and thrive.



Collaboration | We work together to accomplish our mission. Partnering with communities, private business, nonprofit partners, and all stakeholders to improve the quality of life in Northeast Georgia is not just what we do, it is who we are.

Dependability | We are trustworthy. United Way of Northeast Georgia can be relied upon by the communities and families in our region.

Resourcefulness | In partnership with our communities, United Way of Northeast Georgia co-creates useful and unique solutions to solve some of our regionā€˜s most pressing challenges.

Community | We recognize the importance of shared goals. For Northeast Georgia to grow, succeed, and thrive, we believe that fostering community and valuing all families in the region we serve is essential.

Effectiveness | Implementing our community impact model means we work to produce successful,
desired results in improving well-being across Northeast Georgia.


Equity Statement

At United Way of Northeast Georgia, we believe a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion is essential to the success of our region. We all must do our part, working UNITED, to create a more equitable community and ensure that everyone has access to the resources, opportunities, and support they need to live and thrive.

Since 1954, United Way of Northeast Georgia has been making a difference in the lives of people in Northeast Georgia, but we know there is always more to learn about the communities we serve and how we can improve that service. For that reason, we believe it is critical to listen to, learn from, and collaborate with our staff, board members, volunteers, donors, and, most importantly, the people in the communities of Northeast Georgia.

With your continued support, we are committed to addressing our region’s challenges and inequities, healing our communities, and providing resources, opportunities, and support to all Northeast Georgians.