Committees & Groups


Committees are ways for our Board and non-Board community members to volunteer their voice and time to our organization. If you are interested in learning more about our committees, please reach out to Alison Alwes (


Executive Committee

Includes chairs of subcommittees (not open to non-Board members).

Members include: Ryan Hammock (Finance Committee Chair), Kay Keller (President/CEO), Kathryn Lookofsky (Community Impact), Scott Lowry (Legal), Seth Robison (CFO), Jason Smith (Past Board Chair), and Devin Wood (Board Chair)


Governance Committee

Responsible for the review and maintenance of bylaws; serves as the Nomination Committee; in charge of Board ethics, best practices, Board structure, Board assessments; reviews staff personnel policies; advises CEO on personnel issues; works with the Finance Committee to oversee the annual audit (not open to non-Board members).

Members include: Jason Smith, Scott Lowry, Tonya Powers, Johnelle Simpson


Finance Committee

Provides financial oversight and ensures financial integrity, including the annual audit.

Members include: Ryan Hammock (committee chair), Ryan Doss, Sean McCallen


Community Impact Committee

Provides oversight for the alignment and coordination of Community Impact strategic priorities and resources, including but not limited to distribution of funds, community issues research and evaluation, participation in community initiatives and program services provided directly by United Way of Northeast Georgia.

Members include: Dawn Meyers, Bria Brown (non-Board, community member), Sonya Hope (non-Board, community member), Destin Newfont (non-Board, community member), Lorilee Sandmann (non-Board, community member), Kathryn Lookofsky (chair)


Resource Development Committee

Organizes, prepares and conducts the annual fundraising campaign, as well as other means of resource development such as endowments, planned giving, grants, and special events, and to oversee all functions related to their purpose, including fundraising affinity groups.

Members include: Tifanie Ring, Devin Wood, Miller Heath, Joe Moon, Lorie Petersen (non-Board, community member), Joe Vogt (non-Board, community member), Terrell Duck (non-Board, community member), Bria Brown (non-Board, community member), Lauren Papka (non-Board, community member)


Communications/Marketing Committee

Members act as a sounding board for the marketing team. They share insights on marketing strategies and tools, help develop and hone messages, provide feedback on marketing materials and overall help with United Way of Northeast Georgia’s message, marketing and external communication.

Tasks include:

  • Bimonthly meetings (every other month) for brainstorming new ideas, discussing current materials, reviewing marketing trends, and more
  • Review all marketing materials and messaging throughout the year and provide feedback
  • Share best practices and lessons learned as they relate to the organization’s communication and marketing efforts
  • Assist with event planning as is needed

Members include: Alicin Hendricks, (Committee Co-Chair) Michelle Roberts, Jen Welborn (Committee Co-Chair), Dr. Philip Brown, Katie Morris (non-Board, community member), Jocelyn Wykoff (non-Board, community member)